Rain-X® Windshield Washer is so good, it’s guaranteed!

We're so confident that you'll have a great experience using Rain-X® windshield washer that we've developed a Rain-X® Satisfaction Guarantee — no other windshield washer makes this promise.

Rain-X® is the number 1 selling windshield washer fluid in Canada and has garnered the most satisfied consumer rating when compared to other brands/products in an independent study. It performs as promised below or we’ll refund the purchase of your Rain-X® windshield washer fluid.

  • Fights road grime
  • Powers off bugs/tar/tree sap/bird droppings
  • Repels rain, sleet & snow for safe driving
  • Eases ice scraping and melts ice quickly

Refund only applicable when product is used as directed and not as a top-up or mixed with existing wiper fluid in the reservoir.